Digital Systems Technology for Next Generation Grid Automation
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Project Objectives

(i) A new product of the type Standalone Merging Unit (SAMU) aiming at the local acquisition and actuation of local HV/VHV equipment signals, in particular for application in existing air insulated substations having conventional technology (non-digital),


(ii) Adaptation or evolution of IEDs ranges from series 500, 450, 430 and 220 (bay level controllers and relays), as well as the UC 500 product (gateway, controller and station HMI) to the functional and non-functional requirements of DSAS type systems (including reliability and cybersecurity), that might involve significant changes to the current range,


(iii) A new software product specifically for local and remote technical management of SAS from the 2nd or 3rd generation,


(iv) Design and implementation skills of entirely digital systems for the Systems Engineering team from Efacec Automation, in parallel with the product technological development, to suit the BU’s systemic offer,


(v) A pilot project in substations.

The DSGrid project has received grants from the COMPETE program,
within the national “Portugal 2020 framework”, supported by the European Union.