Digital Systems Technology for Next Generation Grid Automation
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What’s New in PAC Portfolio

TPU 500 Ed.2 & BCU 500 Ed.3


IEC 61850 Communications

IEC 61850-8-1 Server and GOOSE (Ed. 2) on station bus interface
IEC 61850-9-2LE and IEC 61850-8-1 GOOSE (Ed. 2) on process bus interface

Process Bus Communication

Subscription of up to 4 sample values streams in parallel with conventional acquisition of up to 12 analogue channels

Station Bus Interfaces

Dual Ethernet – supporting PRP/HSR or 2x single Interface
Single Ethernet
  Process Bus Interfaces
Dual Ethernet – supporting PRP/HSR or 2x single Interface
  Time Synchronization
IEEE 1588 / PTP available on station and process bus interfaces
IRIG-B galvanic or glass-fibre Input
  New Platform Features
Half-rack option available
Dual power supply available

State-of-the-Art Subscription Features

Redundancy subscription from duplicated merging units and real time self-recovery mechanism
Advanced diagnostic and commissioning aids available including process bus network IEC 61850-9-2 sniffer and analyzer
Advanced real-time self recovery algorithm for lost samples

MCU 500 - Process Level Device




2 Dual Ethernet interfaces: PRP and HSR

IEC 61850-8-1 Server and GOOSE (Ed. 2)


PTP IEEE 1588 / PTP available in one interface


Optional dual power supply (universal)


MCU 500 M - Stand-alone Merging Unit


Up to 8 CTs (both protection and metering)


Up to 4 VTs


Additional binary inputs/outputs


Diagnostic functions (Measurements and Disturbance record)


IEC 61850-9-2LE: sample values publisher at 80 or 256 samples / cycle (50Hz or 60 Hz)


MCU 500 B - Breaker Controller

Up to 32 binary inputs and 12 binary outputs with high-speed outputs as optional

IEC 61850-9-2LE: Subscription of up to 2 sampled values


Circuit breaker related functions


Support for other functions

  MCU 500 S - Stand-alone merging unit & Breaker Controller
Combines both functionalities
  Redundancy Advanced Features

2 Dual Ethernet interfaces

PRP and HSR redundancy protocol options
Revised VLAN and priority tagging support

Several communication network architectures possible


Application Advanced Features

Stand-alone Merging Unit (SAMU): Diagnostic Measurements, Disturbance record, Analogue Simulation
Circuit Breaker Controller (CBC): Circuit breaker related functions, Support for other functions, Subscription of up to four SVs at 80 samples/cycle

System Point - System, Asset and Data Management


System and Data Management Solution for Substations

Server based platform
Vendor neutral
Based on IEC 61850 and IEC 62351
Multiple deployment configurations
Fully customizable
Supports relays and device management

Protection records and settings

Analytics and asset functions

Value Proposition

Instant access to system and asset events and status anywhere
Centralized management
Secure remote accessibility
Unified operational and security data management
Unified user management

Standards-based solution

Minimum configuration
Pilots and Projects

Portugal, EDP Pilot | DSGrid Pilot Project

Installation of a new DSAS system at Montemor-o-Novo
Includes Efacec P&C IEDs from Series 500 and MCU 500 process IEDs
Redundant network PRP, synchronism with PTPv2

Peru, ENEL Project

Digital Substation Project
Includes TPU 500 and BCU 500 IEDs with process bus interface

Portugal, REN | Nester Pilot

150 kV Switching Station - Monte da Pedra
Includes Efacec Series 500: protections and merging units
Redundant PRP network, synchronism with PTP

Russia, MOESK (Moscow) Project

Upgrade of 220 kV / 110 kV Gertsevo Substation
Includes Efacec TPU 500 IEDs
Redundant PRP network,  synchronism with PTP

Chile, Transelec Pilot

Digital Substation Project
Includes Efacec Series 500: protections and merging units
PRP Network
The DSGrid project has received grants from the COMPETE program,
within the national “Portugal 2020 framework”, supported by the European Union.